Schedules and Tuition

Chickadee is an all-day Children’s House program, and it is also a year-round program, with 2-2.5 weeks of planned closure during the summer, half at each end. We follow the Beaverton School District’s calendar for legal holidays and breaks during the school year.  Doors open at 7:30 and close at 5:30, with children arriving between 7:30 and 8:45. Most children are with us for 7-10 hours a day; the part-time morning (or through lunch) schedule is limited to a maximum of 2 children, and the 4-day option is also limited to a maximum of 2 children.

  • We have two variations of the morning schedule, one 8:30 to noon, and the other with lunch, approx. 8:30 to 1:15.  This tuition chart only shows one of each for simplicity’s sake.
  • The 7-hour schedule is the classic Montessori “extended day,” or “full day schedule.”  The child’s hours are typically 8:30 – 3:30, slightly flexible at both ends.
  • The “all day schedule” covers the longer 8.5 – 10 hours.
  • Occasionally a family needs a “hybrid” tuition agreement (for instance, a child who leaves earlier one day a week); this can be arranged.
  • Our 2018 – 2019 tuition schedule is as follows.
5 days a week Morning schedule with lunch $750 / month
Extended day $925 / month
All-day schedule $1080 / month
4 days a week Morning schedule no lunch $630 / month
  (limited to 2 children maximum)  ”  ” with lunch hour $675 / month
Extended day $790 / month

Parents may enroll their child for 10 or 12 months.  Tuition is based on an annual amount, divided equally across those months, with no adjustment for breaks, personal travel, illness, or holidays.  A 10% discount is applied to August tuition for those who have been enrolled for all 12 months.  A 2% discount is available for annual tuition paid in advance, and a 10% discount is offered for a second child in the family.

Children can stay longer occasionally, when needed; we are quite flexible; those hours are billed at the end of each month.  if a child’s schedule extends regularly, we adjust the tuition level mid-year.


Parents must visit Chickadee before an application is accepted (except in rare circumstances), and most tours for the following year happen between October and late January.  At the time of your visit I will give you an application form if you want one.   I confirm new enrollments for the following fall by early February, from the pool of applications we have received.  Application fees are attached to the form, but only deposited after a child’s enrollment has been confirmed.  In February a short wait list might develop for the following September, for those applicants for whom we could not confirm a spot in the first round.   Waiting lists are unsatisfactory at best.   For enrollments farther into the future, I maintain an informal email/contact list.  I respond to all email inquiries, and welcome visitors with prior appointments.  All inquiries about enrollment should be made via email.