Why “Chickadee”?

A Chickadee in the Garden
This chestnut-backed chickadee was photographed right next to our bird feeder.

I am often asked why I chose the name “Chickadee” for this Montessori Children’s House.  The truth is, it came to me in an intuitive flash, on a summer day in 2010.  Afterwards, I tried to write down the thoughts that led to this inspiration.

  • A chickadee is a small, vibrant bird which is active in all seasons, just like children.
  • Chickadees are present and lively throughout the Northwest and beyond, part of our natural world.
  • It is a bird known for its curiosity and visibility, just like children.
  • Its song matches its name, so it’s a bird easily learned and identified by children.  Onomatopoeia.
  • Small, natural, unique, full of life – chickadees and Chickadee Montessori.